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If anyone needed any evidence of the rapidly changing digital landscape, they need only look at the recent fate of tech giant Hewlett-Packard. Faced with dwindling PC sales, while failing to make a dent in the Apple-dominated smartphone and tablet markets, HP took drastic action; On August 18, HP announced not only that they were shutting down their tablet and smartphone divisions, but were also considering spinning off their PC business. The fall from grace suffered by a former giant like HP is only another case of a company failing to tap into the potential of emerging technologies. It also shows how clinging to outmoded ideas about the role of technology can be a company’s death sentence.

So, what does all of this have to do with eLearning? If anything, HP’s recent woes should serve as a rallying cry for those who strive to redefine the eLearning space. The personal computer revolution is over. In its place is a new kind of computing revolution in which people can access information wherever and whenever they please. eLearning can’t be left behind in this new era of information. The opportunities presented by the tablet and smartphone markets are very exciting, and offer countless opportunities for innovation.

As it gets easier to access information, people will only expect more from the training they receive at work. Why sit through an antiquated slide show when a world of possibilities for learning lies in their pocket? In this new digital era, all it takes is one creative idea to completely redefine learning. Now imagine what an entire team of creative individuals could do. If information wishes to be free, then it’s up for the eLearning industry to open the gates.

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